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SEO For Plumbers

Need a sound and consistent internet marketing strategy for your plumbing business? Would you like new qualified leads coming in everyday? Read more to see how,

Are you employing an SEO strategy in your interior design business? If your business isn’t ranking on the first page of Google for key interior design terms you could be missing out on a ton of new business.

Imagine receiving high targeted hot leads to your business everyday, clients who are actually looking for your business. Imaging having a consistent flow of new leads everyday, what would that do for your business? Not having to worry or guess where your next client will be coming from.

Having a properly optimized website can solve most of these problems for you and allow you to focus on other things in your business.

In this blog post i’ll be going over a few tips to help you optimize your plumbing business website for search traffic (SEO).

Plumbing SEO Keywords

The first part of any good SEO strategy is picking good relevant keywords/topics. Ill give you a few examples you can use when trying to determine which keywords you would like to target.

Plumber + “city”

“city” + plumber

plumber + “city” + “state”

plumber + “zip code”

best plumber + “city”

This is a basic strategy you can use when figuring out which keywords you would want to target, all you would do is plug in the city, state, and zip code thats relevant to your business.

Each of these different variations of keywords return a different set of results in google and has different search volumes, for example:

plumber dallas = 2,300 searches per month

Dallas plumber = 2,200 searches per month

plumber Dallas Tx = 1000 searches per month

plumber 75287 = 50 searches per month

Best plumber Dallas = 80 searches per month

Integrating Keywords Into Your Website

Once you’ve selected which keywords you’d like to target its important that the keywords you’d like to rank for are mentioned somewhere within the page you want to rank.

We’ll be using your homepage for this example. The home page of most local businesses usually contains a title/heading, contact form, phone number, address and 500-1000 words of content.

If I’m an interior designer in dallas and I want to rank for the phrase “interior designer dallas” my heading should contain some variation of the phrase “interior designer dallas”

Example: “Johns Emergency  Dallas Plumbing Company”

Secondly, the content on my home page should include the keyword “interior designer dallas” along with other variations of that keyword.

Example: ” dallas plumber” best plumber dallas” “plumber dallas tx”

You dont want to over do it so I would probably suggest mentioning your keyword 3-4 times per 500 words of text.

Choosing Image Titles For Plumbers

When choosing titles for your images make sure to be as descriptive as possible. When you accurately describe and label your images your images tend to show in google image search which could also drive additional traffic back to your website.

A properly labeled image is also great for SEO as it further tells google what your website/blog post is about.

Obtaining Backlinks To Your Plumbing Website

One of the key determining factors for your website ranking in google is backlinks. There are many different ways to obtain backlinks.

One of the quickest and easiest way of obtaining backlinks to your website is sharing your website/content on your social profiles. Pinterest, facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. These are high authority channels that could potentially drive a ton of traffic back to your website. Not only are you driving traffic you are also receiving a backlink from a high domain authority website and potentially having your content shared with hundred or thousands of people.

Another great way of obtaining back links to your website is reach out to bloggers or other websites within your niche and offering to create a piece of content for their site. When creating the content you would simply insert a link in the content pointing back to your site so when they post your content you now have a link from their site to yours.

Updating Your Content

Its important to keep your content fresh and relevant. If you created a piece of content called “Plumbing Tips 2015” its important to go back and update that content for ideas that are relevant to the current year.

This will also show google that you’re actively maintaining your website, this could potentially have positive effects on your rankings.

It would be helpful and beneficial if you created a content calendar, publishing content consistently can have an extremely positive effect on your website.

If you have so much content on one subject google will eventually begin to look at you as an authority within your industry.

Once you’re viewed as an authority within your niche your content will begin to automatically rank on its on with little to no effort from you.

Plumbing Marketing Ideas For 2018

  1. Content Marketing For Plumbers

Create helpful and engaging content around plumbing related topics. For example you could create a content around the topic “Plumbing safety check list for new home owners”

The strategy behind this is building your self up as an authority, you will become the go-to business for all things plumbing. Eventually when the new home owner has a serious problem they cant fix on their own the will look to you and you only when searching for a solution.

2. Email Marketing For Plumbers

The strategy behind a good email marketing campaign is to essentially keep in contact with potential clients consistently so they never forget you. You can email them promotions, tips, business updates, etc.

I would suggest sending out an email to your email subscribers at least two times per month to start just so thy can get familiar with you and this also allows you to gauge how engaged your audience is.

3. Video Marketing For Plumbers

Creating video content can be extremely beneficial to your business and your brand. For example, you could create a how to series where you show individuals quick fixes for things around the house.


“How to tighten a shower head properly”

“How to unclog a garbage disposal”

“How to clean your shower head”

These are all topics that people are searching for daily on youtube, creating video content around these subjects would solve peoples problems while simultaneously branding your business as the go-to solution for everyones plumbing needs.

4. Google Maps List

Getting your business listed and ranked in google maps is a great way to drive highly targeted leads to your business virtually on autopilot.

Once your business is listed and ranked in the top 3 positions in google maps you will start to receive a steady flow of traffic from individuals who are actually in need of your services.

Imagine your business showing up for the term “emergency plumber dallas”.

If someone is looking for an emergency plumber more than likely that person needs a plumber immediately and if your business shows up when they search that term in google who do you think is going to receive that phone call? You will!

If you aren’t listed in google maps head over to and set up your free listing.



If you would like to learn more about SEO for plumbers please visit our contact page to get in touch.

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