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Advertising Ideas For Salons

As a salon owner I know how difficult it can be to get clients into your chair, especially the type of clients that you want. When we first started our salon we were getting the worst types of clients. The type of clients who show up late, complain, price haggle, even had a client skip out on paying once before.

We finally said enough is enough and had to rethink how we acquire clients and what type of clients we would actually like to service. One of the first salon marketing methods we utilized to get our ideal client was SEO so that’ll be the first topic I go over in this post..

advertising ideas for salons

advertising ideas for salons

SEO For Salons

SEO or search engine optimization is a great foundational marketing strategy. SEO allows you to target your potential customer/client in any part of the buying process. Traffic from search engines is also some of the highest converting traffic since your prospect is actively looking for your product or service.

Targeting your ideal client in the beginning of the buying process or consideration phase is great because you get to educate your potential customer while establishing yourself is an expert or authority.

We learned that a lot of clients we new to getting their hair done and had a ton of questions so if we could answer all of their questions before we actually set the appointment it would allow for a better customer experience.

For example:

Someone who is new to getting their hair colored may search for something like “does hair color damage my hair”

You could essentially create content whether its a blog or video explaining the pros and cons of coloring your hair. At the end of your content you can provide a call to action instructing the potential client to call for a consultation or send them to your website to book an appointment.

Here is a list of keywords someone could be searching when looking to get their hair done:

“Hair extensions near me”

“Hair extensions + city”

“Hair stylist near me”

“Best hair stylist near me”

There are thousands of different variations of keyword phrases someone might use when searching for a hairstylist.

Optimizing your website for specific keywords that pertain to your business allows you to get in front of highly targeted traffic.

A great way to find keywords that are relevant to your business is buy using a google chrome plug-in called keywords everywhere. This plug in displays search volume and related keywords anytime you make a search in google or youtube.

This is extremely helpful since it allows you to see exactly what prospects are searching for and approximately how many searches per month are being executed.

Schedule a free salon marketing consultation with the Best Dallas SEO 2018.

Instagram For Salons

A few things you should know first.

  • Instagram has over 1 billion users as of June 2018
  • 59% of Instagram users are under 30
  • Teens love instagram
  • Instagram users other favorite social networks are pinterest and facebook
  • 38 percent of adult Internet users who make less than $30,000 per year use Instagram, along with…
  • 32 percent of those who bring in $30,000 to $49,999.
  • 32 percent of those who earn between $50,000 and $74,999.
  • 31 percent of those who make over $75,000 per year.
  • The average user spends 30+ minutes on instagram

In summary your business NEEDS to be on instagram, if you aren’t you’re missing out on a ton of potential business. Instagram can be intimidating with its many features but I will break down a simple strategy you can use to get the most out of instagram.

Most hairstylist post their work on their timeline sort of like a gallery, if you are unsure of the style of content you would like to use just study your competition.

If what they do works, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Mimic what they are doing and add your spin to it. Its hard to stand out as a new stylist on instagram since there is so much competition so be creative.

Look for areas that your completion is lacking in and use it to your advantage. We were able to grow our hair business instagram to over ten thousand followers in less than 85 days simply attacking areas where our competition were lacking.

Your post/news feed content should consist of great looking content that people are likely to engage with. If you aren’t sure of what to post study bigger successful accounts within your industry and mimic what they’re doing.

Your instagram story content should consist of behind the scenes style content that’ll allow your audience to get to know you and your business better. Instagram stories also feature an option to ask your audience questions and take polls, these are extremely useful tools since it allows you to learn more about your audience.

Story content can be raw and unedited.

Instagram live content is a little bit more one-on-one and personal, it rally allows you to build a strong relationship with your audience.

Live content can be raw and unedited as well, live content is the easiest content you can create.

IGTV content can be behind-the-scenes style or how-to videos. IGTV is fairly now so its ok to test different strategies to see what works best for you and your audience.

IGTV content can be a bit more polished since its almost like a television show for your brand.

You should utilize your news feed and instagram stories daily for best results. If you have the ability to go live everyday that would be extremely beneficial as well.

Using all of these features together are essential for growing your instagram account.

Facebook Advertising Ideas For Salons

We’ve had so much success using facebook advertising in our business, the first time we used facebook ads we filled out our calendar in less than 5 days and made an additional $5,000 that month while only spending $400 on ads.

It was a pretty basic ad offering hair extension service, the ad instructed users to comment if they were interested in our offer.

Once they commented we contacted them through messenger to book the appointment.

The point of facebook ads is to get more out than you put in and running facebook ads can seem complex so if you decide to do them on your own I suggest watching some youtube videos to get familiar with the platform.

You can also schedule a free consultation ($500 value) with us and we can help you get on the right track.

Facebook is a great place to build a community around your business. Obviously you can create a fan page for your business but fan pages aren’t as effective as they once were.

A lot of business are building groups around their business to engage with their customers on a more personal level. Facebook groups are extremely powerful because you’re bringing together a group of people who love you and your business.

Facebook groups allow you to showcase your expertise and dedication to your customers, especially since groups allow you to answer questions that other group members may have but are afraid to ask.

There is nothing better for your business than a group of engaged, loyal, advocating individuals.

Reach has been lowered for fan pages while simultaneously being increased for groups. Facebook has even stated that they are focusing on the community aspect that facebook has to offer, essentially encouraging its users to create and maintain facebook groups.

Youtube Advertising Ideas For Salons

Youtube is the number two search engine in the world only behind google, for your business that means a ton of new customers you could potentially get your business in front of.

Youtube is our number two source of traffic behind google, youtube is great because depending on your keywords and competition your video can rank on google and youtube.

This means not only do you receive search traffic from youtube but google as well.

If you’ve ever seen a youtube video in the search results you know that they stand out since you get that nice huge thumbnail.

This usually means more attention and a higher click through rate.

Another way to utilize youtube is by showing your expertise, you could create how-to videos of you coloring, cutting, or styling someones hair.

This is a way of building authority while simultaneously providing value.



Pinterest Advertising Ideas For Salons

Here are a few stats about Pinterest you should know:

  • 40% of Pinterest Users Have a Household Income of $100k+
  • 29% of Adults Use Pinterest ( Its the 4th most popular social platform)
  • 1 out of 2 Millennials Use Pinterest Every Month
  • Over 90% of active Pinterest Users said they use Pinterest To Plan For Purchases
  • 50% of its users have made a purchase after being a promoted pin
  • Food is one of the most popular categories on Pinterest

A great strategy for Pinterest would be to share recipes or photos of menu items. Since Pinterest is all about sharing other peoples content you don’t have to worry about always having to create your own content.

Pinterst is a visual search engine and its users are essentially content curators so its important that your content and boards on Pinterest are visually appealing. Its also important that your content is relevant to your audience and board.

Hair is huge on pinterest, most people start on pinterest looking for that perfect hairstyle before they decide to even book an appointment.

It would be in your best interest to use pinterest to showcase your work so when your potential client is in the consideration phase its possible that they come across your work.

Be sure to use an extremely detailed description of your pin so pinterest can know how to categorize your pins and who to show them to.

marketing for hair salons

marketing for hair salons


Email Marketing Ideas For Salons

Email marking is essential to every business, I believe a good active email list is what separates good businesses from great businesses. Email allows you to keep in contact with customers directly and build a relationship.

With email host providing features like automation you can build these relationships automatically without much work.

Generating business off of social networks is great but if that social network went out of business you would lose your audience. This is why its so important to get your customers emails so you can always have a way to reach them.

Be creating when asking for emails, you could give out free drinks, do giveaways, etc.

At the minimum send out 1 email per month just to stay in contact with your list and remind them that you’re there if they ever need you.

Email marketing has one of the greatest ROI compared to any other form of marketing.


Messenger Advertising Ideas For Salon Marketing

Current Messenger stats as of 2018

  • Facebook Messenger has 2+ billion users
  • By 2021 the number of messenger users is projected to grow to 2.5 billion users

The age groups on Facebook break down by use as such:

  • 88% of those 18-29
  • 84% of those 30-49
  • 72% for those 50-64
  • 62% for those 65+

We’ve had so much success with chatbots in our salon, using a method where you essentially pit users against each other.


You can show a side by side picture of short and long hair, you would then add a caption asking users which is better, comment below.

Once a user comments you can have your chatbot automatically subscribe them to your chatbot.

From there you can send them through a sequence of messages which may eventually turn into them booking an appointment or you can send mass broadcast anytime you want.

The beauty of chatbot messages is that they have an 85%+ open rate so your message is at least getting seen by the majority of people that you send it to.

salon marketing

salon marketing


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) For Salon Marketing

Paid advertising is all about getting more out than you put in, a lot of businesses try paid ads and don’t see immediate results or don’t see any results at all.

Understanding the LTV or life time value of your customer is essential to running a proper paid ads campaign.

If you know on average your clients are worth $1000 in the long term then you also know its ok to go out and spend $100 or even $300 to acquire them since you know its profitable in the back end.

I had a client that was so certain that paid ads didn’t work since he ran a google ad words campaign, spent $20 and didn’t get any customers in return. What he failed to realize was that he was attempting to spend $20 to acquire a client worth $20,000 and that just isn’t realistic.

Paid ads require patients and the ability to read data to see whats working and whats not working.

I will share a strategy that works extremely well for me in my businesses. When I run paid ads I dont go for the immediate sale, I go for the email address so I can continue to market to my prospects.

Not only does this strategy save me money, it also has the highest ROI out of any of my other forms of marketing.

Hopefully you were able to learn some actionable tips you can use in your business, if you’d like to learn more fill out our contact form and schedule a no cost 30-minute salon marketing consultation ($500 Value)