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HOUSTON– A pair of enormous crates that are scheduled to be moved through Houston this weekend are expected to cause major delays on several roads in the area.

The gigantic wooden boxes will be moved in tandem from a business in northwest Houston to the Bayport Cruise Terminal over the course of four nights, starting Friday.

According to Ronnie Smith, owner of Smith Specialized Logistics, this is one of the biggest moves by truck ever undertaken in the Houston area. It will require a caravan of more than 30 state troopers and 20 cherry-picker trucks to block traffic, move power lines and temporarily relocate some traffic signs.

Here’s what you need to know about the crates and which routes you should avoid.

What’s in the crates?

The crates are holding three sections of a drilling ship that has been ordered by Samsung Heavy Industries, according to Smith.

Shane Elliff, of BestCrate, which built the boxes, said the largest of the two crates is 56 feet long, 24 feet wide and 27 feet tall, and took four days to build. 

The smaller of the two crates is 30 feet long, 16 feet wide and 24 feet tall and took three days to build, Elliff said.

Denton Townson, spokesman for Smith Specialized Logistics, said the company’s permit allows for a load that is 135 feet long, 24 feet wide and 27 feet tall.

Once they arrive at the Bayport Cruise Terminal, they will be loaded onto a specialized ship bound for Korea. They are expected to arrive on the other side of the world sometime in early September, Smith said.

What’s the route?

The 108-mile move was scheduled to begin 7 p.m. Friday at W-Industries on Petropark Drive and arrive at its first stop in Sugar Land about 5 a.m. Saturday. 

However, due to a variety of setbacks, the caravan was delayed by about 20 miles and only made it to the Katy Freeway and Greehouse Road early Saturday morning, Townson said.

The next leg is expected to begin at 7 p.m. Sunday.

There have been no announcements to indicate changes to the route, but Townson said there is going to be a meeting at some point Saturday to discuss any changes.

Smith’s company provided this map that shows the exact planned route of each leg. Read More Here

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