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Looking for a Dallas SEO?

You’ve heard how powerful SEO can be but you still don’t really understand why.
Let us show you over 18 reasons you should start your Dallas SEO Company campaign as soon as possible. This list is to show you how SEO can play a huge role in your marketing efforts.

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#1 SEO turns your website into a 24 hour sales person

The beauty of SEO is that it allows your website to go to work for you, completing any task that you desire. It completes these task non-stop, 365 days a year.
If you determine that you want you website to go out and get sales, collect leads, or just spread information about you and your business, it can.

#2 SEO is an investment

Most business view SEO as an expense while forward thinking businesses view SEO as an investment. Imagine if I offered you a deal where I would give you $10 in 12 months for every dollar you gave me today. How much money would you be willing to give me upfront assuming that I made good on my offer? This is essentially what SEO is paying upfront while patiently awaiting your ROI later. This is because depending on your niche and competition SEO can sometimes be a lengthy process.
IN the end, once you see your business cemented on the first page of google, it will be well worth the time and investment.

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#3 SEO is a very important part of your marketing strategy

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#4 The benefits of SEO when it comes to the buying cycle

Lets start by breaking down the customer buying cycle.
-Awareness – when a customer initially learns or becomes aware of your product or service. Also, when customer becomes aware of a need they wish to fulfill.
-Consideration – when a customer begins to evaluate a solution to their problem or need.
-Purchase – when a customer pulls the trigger and makes the purchase
SEO allows you to position yourself wherever you would like to be in the buying cycle whether its through content and/or keywords.
For example some one searching for the term ‘pink cellphone case’ may just want to shop around and see whats available but at the moment have no intent to purchase.
A customer searching for ‘where to buy pink cellphone case’ or ‘pink cellphone case for sale’ most likely has the intent to purchase a pink cellphone case at that exact moment.
Think about what you personally search for when your looking for information versus when you’re looking to make a purchase.

#5 SEO lets you stand out from weak competition

Do you know some of your competitors are still running expensive television, radio, mass media, and billboard ads to people who aren’t even remotely interested in what they have to offer.
I feel that which ever business in any niche that is first to implement SEO and combine it with other digital marketing strategies will have the best chance of total niche domination.
Can you think of anyone that doesn’t have a cellphone? SEO allows for you to target your customer right in their pocket.
How many people do you see on their phone while television is on or while the radio is on. Imagine how many people or on the road ignoring billboards because they’re on their cellphone.
SEO is the equivalent to a highly trained sniper who always hits his target versus these old forms of marketing being some guy running around desperately with a shotgun hoping that he hits someone. To top it all off the guy with the shotgun is blind so the majority of the targets he hit, he never intended to.

#6 Is SEO better than paid traffic?

Paid traffic can sometime be tricky depending on the platform, for example google adwords.
Paid traffic on google adwords receive a very small percentage of clicks versus the 33%+ of traffic the first position of the google search results receives.
For this reason I always suggest that clients run a paid ads campaign in conjunction with a SEO campaign.
Another thing about paid ads is once you stop paying for ads the ads stop, with SEO once your ranked, you’re ranked. If you decide to stop paying your SEO service provider your rankings will continue to stick with proper website maintenance.

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#7 The opportunities with SEO are endless

Once you start to gain traction with your SEO campaign and google starts to recognize your site as an authority it becomes a lot easier to rank for much harder keywords.
With my clients we usually start out with what we like to call long tailed keywords. Long tailed keywords or phrases that are at least four words long, usually low volume and easy to rank for.
(Ill provide an example below)
As you go down the list it becomes harder to rank because the shorter the term the higher the traffic and competition.
We like to work from top to bottom, once google starts associating your site for the shortest form of your target keyword you eventually start to rank for with with little to no effort.
Another reason we like to work from top to bottom is it allows for you for rank for more than just one search term. So in the example above if we were to start at the top and work our way to the bottom we would receive traffic from all six keywords.

#8 SEO Builds Trust and Credibility Amongst Customers

SEO can do wonders for your brand and credibility. Google is the number one search engine in the world.
Think about the psychology that sets in when someone makes a search inquiry in google and your company is listed at the top. They automatically associate your business with being the best. Why? Because google said so. Google doesn’t just place any business at the top results, google places what result it feels is best for that specific search query.
Holding a top position in google can come with countless benefits for you brand.

#9 SEO for Branding

Branding your business can sometimes be expensive and difficult. SEO can help speed up the process of becoming a household name.
Once your website starts to rank and you start to drive traffic, that traffic eventually turn into sales.
Once people start buying from you and getting to know and trust your business then they start to comeback for more.
This time when your customer comes back to order a product, they don’t search for the product, they search for your actual brand name. Once that happens the sky is the limit, searches of your actual brand name in google is super beneficial to your rankings and how google views you as a whole.
Its like your customers forcing google to recognize you.

#10 SEO is measurable

SEO is one form of marketing that can be measured in detail.
Google Analytics for example provides you with a vast amount of data regarding your website and specifically SEO.
This that can be evaluated and allow you to focus on whats working and eliminate what isn’t working.
Just with the ability to track which keywords are converting into sales is EXTREMELY powerful.

#11 SEO is essentially a secret weapon

Business is like war. A few years ago I used to run a cellphone business and our main form of advertising was through craigslist.
Every one in the cellphone business pretty much knew everyone and would flag each others ads, steal ads, etc.
I remember one guy had a kiosk in almost every mall in town but I never saw one ad about his business on craigslist. Turns out this guy was ahead of the game, while we were all scrambling on craigslist he had a website that was ranked in google for ‘local cellphone buyer’.
He had discovered nuclear weapons while we were still trying to figure out how gun powder works.
Once I learned about SEO and digital marketing I realized that this was the scenario for pretty much every industry.
Its business who are in the forefront and there are business who are still trying to figure things out. Where do you want to be?.

#12 SEO can be extremely cost effective

SEO has one of the highest ROI than any other form of marketing. DALLAS SEO Company has been proven to be one of the most cost effective forms of internet marketing.
Lets say you run an SEO campaign for 5 years and you rank for every keyword you’ve ever imagined. Imagine you spent a total of $100,000 and you decided not to spend another dollar marketing your business.
Since you would continue to receive customers after you stopped spending money to essentially acquire customers. Your cost to acquire a customer would start to decrease and your ROI would start to increase.
Your were paying $5 per customer and that customer spent $20 with your business for a profit of $15 dollars.
Now you pay $0 to acquire those same customers that spend $20 with your business for a $20 profit.
This is the prime example of the difference between PPC and SEO, there will always be a cost associated with acquire customers through PPC. With SEO eventually the money you make acquiring customers outweighs the cost of the DALLAS SEO EXPERT.

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#13 Who is your target market, what is the user intent behind their search query?

Its very important that your SEO PUEBLO campaign is going after your target market, what the point in driving traffic to your website and the leads don’t convert into customers or sale. I’ve seen numerous examples of businesses getting traffic to their website but the user had no interest in the product or service they had to offer. Knowing the intent of the searcher is very crucial, you must know if they are ready to buy or if they’re only interested in information. We provide in depth keyword research and mainly try to target keywords with great value and little to no competition.

#14 Do You Need SEO?

SEO isn’t for everyone, SEO is just one branch on a tree of different methods that can be used to drive traffic to your website/business. Things to know hen trying to figure if SEO is a good fit for your business:
What is the value of 1 customer to your business?
How many potential leads will DALLAS SEO Company bring to your business?
How much does the specific SEO campaign cost?
SEO can sometimes be costly, for the simple fact that it sometimes take 6-12 months to see significant rankings. So for 6-12 months you’ll be paying a company to reap residual clients later.
Most of our clients choose to run SEO DALLAS campaigns in conjunction with PPC campaigns. With PPC or paid ads it allows for you to start seeing leads almost immediately. PPC also allows your to see what keywords are converting that way you’ll know what keywords to go after in your SEO campaign.

#15 How does Google currently view your site?

Does google view your site as an authority in your niche? Does google view your site as weak? Does google recognize your site at all?
Some key factors that google considers when determining where to place your site:
Does your title and page include keyword or keyword variation you are trying to rank for?
* Hows the link structure of your website?
* How do users interact with your website?
* How many sites in your niche link to you?
* What are the quality of the sites linking to you?
If there are sites linking to you, are they using relevant terms when they link out to your website?
All these things help determine how google views your site. Simply put, if google views your site as an authority in your niche it will take your a shorter amount of time to see rankings. If google considers your site to be new, it’ll take a little bit more effort and more time to see rankings come in.

#16 How Competitive is your Niche?

How competitive is your niche? Are you going up against huge authoritative sites or small insignificant sites who are just ranked by default.
The competition in your niche is going to be the main factor that determines how long it takes to rank and how much its going to cost you.
You must under stand if there are sites who’ve been existing in google for years and you are a new site trying to invade on their space its going to be a tough fight.
For example if you wanted to jump into the resell business, who do you think you’ll have a better chance at competing with in the shortest period of time. Ebay or some guy selling goods out of his garage? Most likely you’re going to go after the guy in his garage first.
In SEO you want to essentially take that same approach and target whatever is profitable with the least amount friction.

#17 Is your site currently ranked and getting traffic?

If your site is currently ranking and getting traffic it will be that much easier to go after different keywords and rank. Its kind of like reputation points, google has no problem with sending more traffic to websites who are already known and who play by the rules.
If you don’t have rank tracking set up already stop what you’re doing and give us a call 972-413-6643. We’ll assist you in setting up rank tracking for free.
The decision the choosing an DALLAS SEO Company can be a daunting task, its best to go with a company that provides a specific solution to the problems you face in business.
Hopefully we’ve provided you with enough information to make and informed decision about selecting a DALLAS SEO company thats right for you.

Why choose Superpositionseo?

The majority of our clients have had terrible experience with DALLAS SEO AGENCIES and other INTERNET MARKETING DALLAS. Usually resulting in wasted money and zero to little return on investment. I’ve even had clients who have spent thousands on radio, television, billboard, and yellow page only net a small return of cold leads.
Running a business isn’t a easy task so its extremely counterproductive when you put your trust into a company to take care of your marketing and they aren’t able to deliver.
We completely understand why most businesses are skeptical of these so called DALLAS SEO EXPERTS. Even though we are a digital marketing agency we still get constant cold calls, emails, and text from these supposed seo firms promising to rank us on page 1 of google in an completely unrealistic time frame. If a company contacts you promising first page rankings in 30 days just run away, its just not possible.

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